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马来西亚史上第一个网络颁奖典礼 (E-Award) – 新一代魅力成功企业奖 (TNCSEA)在昨晚6月5号星期五晚上9点的新闻发布会,正式拉开了序幕! 此奖项主要是颁发给90后到00年的年轻成功企业家,主要是提倡新一代年轻人创业精神,带动国家经济与创造社会价值。 新一代魅力成功企业奖邀请了重量级的成功人物成为VVIP皇冠大使,来颁发这隆重的奖项给得奖者。来自人民进步党主席丹斯里拿督斯里卡维斯博士和2004年中华小姐环球大赛冠军李诗琪小姐将成为这活动的VVIP皇冠大使。除此之外,颁奖典礼也邀请到亚洲第一商业导师曾国荣来担任此活动的贵宾大使,与我们的VVIP皇冠大使一起选出30位新一代魅力成功企业奖的得奖者。除此之外,我们也邀请到新一代歌手施岢妡担任我们的表演嘉宾。 由于新冠肺炎疫情和在这段期间需保持社交距离,VVIP皇冠大使将会亲临得奖者的家或公司颁发此奖项给得奖者 (Award Delivery)。 此奖项的提名截至日期是6月20日, 如有兴趣者,可到官方脸子书 “The New Charismatic Successful Entrepreneur Award 新一代魅力成功企业奖”或联络主办当局 (Jeffery Loke 016-5401622) 了解更多详情。 The New Charismatic Successful Entrepreneur Award (TNCSEA) – The first ever and only online award ceremony (E-Award) in the history of Malaysia is officially kicked off on 9pm, 5 June 2020 during the press conference! This award is mainly awarded to young successful entrepreneurs from the 1990s to 2000s, mainly to promote the entrepreneurial of new generation of young people, enhance economic capacity and create social value. The New Charismatic Successful Entrepreneur Award invited Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr M.Kayveas, President of People’s Progressive Party and Ms Carrie Lee, Champion of Miss Chinese Cosmos Beauty Pageant 2004 as our VVIP Crown Ambassadors to present this award to the winners. In addition, the award ceremony also invited Ernie Chen, Asia’s No.1 Business Coach as our Guest Ambassadors of this event. Guest ambassadors together with our VVIP Crown Ambassadors will select 30 award winners of The New Charismatic Successful Entrepreneur Award. Kaylyn See, one of the famous new generation of singer also invited to perform during the press conference. Due to outbreak of Covid-19 and maintain social distancing during this period, VVIP Crown Ambassadors will personally visit the award winner’s home or company to deliver this award to the winner. Deadline of this award nomination is on 20 June 2020. To those who are interested, you could go to the official Facebook “The New Charismatic Successful Entrepreneur Award” or contact the organiser (Jeffery Loke 016-5401622)for more details.